Alliance Broadband Installation Charges


Are you planning to install Alliance Broadband at your home or office? The installation charges are essential as they may go out of your budget if you make a mistake.

People often think that the installation charge for Alliance Broadband is very expensive. However, this is not necessarily true. The installation cost varies according to the region and plan you choose.

This blog post will discuss all the Alliance Broadband installation charges and how you can save some money. So keep reading to find out more.


What Is Alliance Broadband?

Alliance Broadband is one of the leading internet service providers in India. It is one of the oldest and most reliable ISPs in the country.

They have been providing a service since 2003, with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. And still, they are leading, which is not easy. This shows that Alliance Broadband is one of India’s most trusted internet service providers.

Alliance Broadband provides high-speed internet service to both residential and commercial customers. They offer numerous plans which are suitable for different kinds of users.

Alliance offers a wide range of plans with unlimited data usage, high-speed internet connection, and other features.

Alliance Broadband Installation Charges

Answer You Are Looking For: The first thing you need to know about Alliance Broadband installation charges. The installation cost for an Alliance Broadband connection is around  Rs. 1500 , which is quite affordable.

Also, they offer free installation for some big plans, so make sure to check out all the available options before making a decision.

Also, consider that connection cost doesn’t include the cost of the router and modem, which is also required for connection.

You need to buy a router and modem separately. To save money, get a router and ask them to install it.

So you need to pay them only for installation charges which are around Rs. 1500, and the modem costs around Rs. 900.

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Alliance Broadband Plans

Now that you know the installation charges for Alliance Broadband, let’s look at their plans. Alliance Broadband offers various plans with different speeds, data caps, and features.

Also, note that if you’re in Kolkata, then the same plans might have little difference in cost.

They offer different plans with different names, including, Entry, Smart, Cruise, Premium+, Speed+, Flash+, Innovator, GigaBlast, Starter, Zoom, Prime+, Preffered+, and more with the name Corp.

Below are the tables, including all the plans, costs, and features for both Kolkata and the rest of India.

Alliance Broadband Plans For Kolkata Alliance Broadband Plans For Kolkata

Plan NameSpeed in MbpsValidityPrice
LAUNCHER40 Mbps30 daysRs. 425 + GST
STREAM80 Mbps30 daysRs. 550 + GST
ENTRY100 Mbps30 daysRs. 700 + GST
SMART125 Mbps30 daysRs. 850 + GST
CRUISE150 Mbps30 daysRs. 1,000 + GST
PREMIUM+175 Mbps30 daysRs. 1,150 + GST
SPEED+250 Mbps30 daysRs. 1,500 + GST
FLASH+400 Mbps30 daysRs. 2,600 + GST
CRUISE QTR150 Mbps90 daysRs. 3,000 + GST
WELCOME 300300 Mbps150 daysRs. 5,000 + GST
ANNUAL COMBO 1200 Mbps420 daysRs. 14,000 + GST
ANNUAL COMBO 2200 Mbps365 daysRs. 14,000 + GST

Alliance Broadband Plans For Reat of India

Plan NameSpeed in MbpsValidityPrice
LAUNCHER40 Mbps30 daysRs. 425 + GST
STREAM80 Mbps30 daysRs. 550 + GST
ENTRY100 Mbps30 daysRs. 700 + GST
SMART125 Mbps30 daysRs. 850 + GST
CRUISE150 Mbps30 daysRs. 1,000 + GST
SOUTHERN BLOCKBUSTER150 Mbps30 daysRs. 1,000 + GST
PREMIUM+175 Mbps30 daysRs. 1,150 + GST
CRUISE QTR150 Mbps90 daysRs. 3,000 + GST
PREMIUM + QTR175 Mbps90 daysRs. 3,450 + GST
WELCOME 300300 Mbps150 daysRs. 5,000 + GST

Benefits Of Alliance Broadband

Apart from the affordable installation charges, Alliance Broadband has many other benefits.

  • Customer Service: Alliance Broadband offers 24/7 customer support for all its customers. So they are always there to help you anytime you face any issue.
  • Perfect Installation: They provide perfect installation of their connection and keep track of your connection for any faults in the future.
  • Affordable Plans: Alliance Broadband plans come with great features at an affordable.
  • Easy to Understand plan: All their plans are designed in a way that is easy to understand and compare. Once you know the plan you want, you can remember it by their name only, like Entry, Smart, Cruise, etc.
  • No hidden costs: All their plans have no hidden costs or fees. So you don’t have to worry about extra costs while selecting a plan.

How To Get Alliance Broadband Connection

Now that you know about the installation charges, plans, and benefits of Alliance Broadband, it’s time to get your connection.

  1. First, you need to choose the plan you want to go with from the ones mentioned in the above table.
  2. Then visit the official website of Alliance Broadband and click on a new connection.
  3. They will ask you to fill out a simple form and provide some basic details, including your name, address, contact number, etc.
  4. Once you complete and submit the form, they will contact you and provide further details.

You will have to make payment for the plan you choose, and they will schedule the installation process for you.

Once your connection is installed, you can start using it immediately.

How To Pay For Alliance Broadband

Once you order an Alliance Broadband connection, you will have to make payment for the plan.

You can make your payment using different modes of payment, including credit/debit cards, net banking, and Paytm.

  1. To do this, first visit their website and log in with your customer ID
  2. Then click on the “Payment” tab and select your plan.
  3. Select the mode of payment you want to use from the options available. Provide all the necessary details and make payment.

Once you have made your payment, Alliance Broadband will start processing your connection request, and they will contact you for further information.

In the same way, you can do to recharge your existing plans or upgrade to higher plans.

How To Contact Alliance Broadband

If you need any help or assistance with your Alliance Broadband connection, you can easily contact their customer support in different ways:

  • You can mail them to [email protected] or [email protected]. They’ll respond to your emails as soon as possible.
  • You can call them at +91 7596004885, 0484-4000878, or +91 7596080776.
  • You can SMS them at +91 63691000 for a quick response.
  • For a quick guide or any small issue, you can contact them on Whatsapp at +91 9874331155.

So, these are how you can contact Alliance Broadband for any help or assistance.


What is a starter pack in Alliance Broadband?

Answer: The starter pack in Alliance Broadband is a plan designed for people looking for a basic internet connection at a very low cost. It comes with unlimited data for 6 months at Rs. 700.

Does Alliance Broadband provide routers?

Answer: Yes, Alliance Broadband does provide routers, but you have to pay separately for them.

How do I connect to Alliance Broadband?

Answer: To connect to Alliance Broadband, you have to contact them first, and then they will guide you regarding the installation process.

Can I watch TV with Alliance Broadband?

Answer: Yes, you can watch TV with Alliance Broadband.


Alliance Broadband is one of the most affordable internet service providers in India. The installation charges are quite low, and the plans come with great features at an affordable price.

So if you’re planning to install their broadband, now this article on Alliance Broadband installation charges should give you a good idea about how much it costs and which plan to go with.

So, choose the right plan for your need and get connected to Alliance Broadband.

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