BSNL Fiber Installation Charges & Connection Process


BSNL, the state-run telecom operator in India, provides various services, from mobile to broadband. BSNL has recently rolled out its fiber broadband services across the country and in this article, you will know what are BSNL Fiber installation charges & security deposit for ONT.

They have revolutionized the internet market and made it easier for people to access high-speed internet at home or office. But before moving further, a question arises it worth it? Or How much it charges for bsnl wifi Installation?

BSNL Fiber Installation Charges
BSNL Fiber Installation Charges

So you’re on the right page if you’re planning for it and searching how much BSNL Airfiber Broadband Installation charges, along with plans information.

BSNL Fiber Installation Charges

Answer You Are Looking For: BSNL has designed its packages with two different installation charges. The new customers need to pay a one-time installation fee of  Rs 500  for a fiber connection. This applies to all the plans available under BSNL Fiber.

However, if the same new customer already has an existing landline from a telco, then they have to pay only Rs 250 for the setup. This is also applicable to all plans offered by BSNL broadband.

Other than installation charges, you have to pay a Rs 500 (Refundable) security deposit for ONT (WiFi Router) + Rs.90 Monthly Rent or you can avoid this security deposit + rent by using your own WiFi Router. Well, this money is refundable, when you cut your fiber connection.

These are the only BSNL broadband installation charges, you don’t have to pay anything else for installation.

In short, like Jio Fiber or Airtel Fiber, BSNL Fiber (BSNL Bharat Fiber – FTTH) is not free of charge. It costs you Rs 250 – 500 depending on whether you are a new or existing BSNL landline customer.

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If you’re interested in BSNL fiber, you can also learn about its plans below.

BSNL Bharat Fiber Installation Charges For Different Plans

BSNL offers a variety of plans ranging from the basic plan (Entry plan) to the Ruby OTT plan. Each fiber plan comes with different installation charges and features.

You can understand all the plans and their features from the below table:

 NOTE:  Plans prices may vary for different States, you can directly visit the official website & check your region plan – FROM HERE

Pack Name (1 Month Plans)Price (Rs)BenefitsSpeed Reduce
Bharat Fiber Entry32920Mbps speed, Unlimited data, unlimited voice callsReduce to 4Mbps after 1000GB
Bharat Fiber Rural Home Wifi 39930Mbps speed, Unlimited data, unlimited voice callsReduce to 4Mbps after 1000GB
Bharat Fiber Basic NEO44930Mbps speed, Unlimited data, unlimited voice callsReduce to 4Mbps after 3300GB
Bharat Fiber Basic49940Mbps speed, Unlimited data, unlimited voice callsReduce to 4Mbps after 3300GB
Bharat Fiber Basic Plus59960Mbps speed, Unlimited data, unlimited voice callsReduce to 4Mbps after 3300GB
Bharat Fiber Value OTT799100Mbps speed, Unlimited data, unlimited voice callsReduce to 5Mbps after 1000GB
Bharat Fiber SuperStar999150Mbps speed, Unlimited data, unlimited voice callsReduce to 10Mbps after 2000GB
Bharat Fiber Premium Plus1299200Mbps speed, Unlimited data, unlimited voice callsReduce to 15Mbps after 4000GB
Bharat Fiber Premium Plus OTT1499200Mbps speed, Unlimited data, unlimited voice callsReduce to 15Mbps after 3300GB
Bharat Fiber Ultra OTT1799300Mbps speed, Unlimited data, unlimited voice callsReduce to 15Mbps after 4000GB
Bharat Fiber Silver OTT2299300Mbps speed, Unlimited data, unlimited voice callsReduce to 25Mbps after 4500GB
Bharat Fiber Silver Plus OTT2799300Mbps speed, Unlimited data, unlimited voice callsReduce to 30Mbps after 5000GB
Bharat Fiber Ruby OTT4799300Mbps speed, Unlimited data, unlimited voice callsReduce to 40Mbps after 6500GB
 Note We’ve considered only 1 monthly plan in the above table. Whereas BSNL offers 6, 12, and 24-month plans too. So you can consider those on your end as well.

As you have seen, the BSNL Fiber plans start from Rs 329 per month to Rs 4,799 per month. BSNL wifi installation charges are different for every plan and different benefits like speed and data limits.

The entry plans have Internet speeds up to 20Mbs and a FUP limit of 1000GB. The higher-end plans offer up to 300 Mbps speed with a FUP limit of 6500 GB.

Also, note that all these plans have unlimited internet usage after exceeding the FUP limit, but the speed will be limited. Such as in the basic plan, it reduces from 20Mbps to 4Mbps, and in the ruby plan, it reduces from 300Mbps to 40Mbps. For other plans that reduce speed, you can look at the above-given table.

Considering all these factors, all the plans are quite economical and offer great value for money. However, you must decide what suits you best and how much money you want to spend.

 Our Recommended Plan:  If you ask us which plan I would recommend, then I would suggest you go with one plane above the basic plan, which is “Fiber Value OTT“. This plan comes at 799 per month cost and offers a speed of 100 Mbps with a FUP limit of 1000 GB. After the limit cross, it reduces up to 5 Mbps which is still good and is unlimited.

BSNL Broadband Installation Process – How To Install BSNL Fiber At Home/Office?

Once you decide to go with BSNL fiber, the installation process is quite easy. Here is the online application form button to request a new connection.


All you’ve to do is fill up a form online or request it from the nearest BSNL office. They will ask you for some documents and address proof. Once all the verification is done, they will send an engineer to your place.

The engineer will visit your place and configure all the cables and modems needed for the fiber connection. This process usually takes between 3 to 4 hours, depending upon several things.

After the installation process, you will be good to go and enjoy a high-speed and reliable internet connection.

Benefits Of BSNL WiFi Fiber

Apart from its small charges for Installation, BSNL Fiber has a lot of benefits. So let’s check out what makes it so special for you.

  • High-speed internet connection up to 300 Mbps.
  • Affordable plans and no hidden charges.
  • Unlimited internet after the FUP limit exceeds.
  • No lags or drops in speed as compared to other broadband services.
  • Better customer service and support.

Apart from all this, BSNL is an Indian government-owned corporation, and it has better reach in rural areas than other private ISPs. Hence, if you choose BSNL fiber, you can be assured of good quality services.

That’s all about BSNL Airfiber installation charges. We have also recommended you best Plan as per our analysis in this article.

Video Tutorial: BSNL Bharat Fiber Installation Charges & Installation Process Guide


How much does Bharat fiber installation cost?

Answer: The installation cost of Bharat fiber will depend upon whether you are an existing user of the BSNL landline or a new one. For existing users, installation costs Rs 250, and for new users, it will be Rs 500.

Which BSNL fiber is best?

Answer: It depends on your needs and requirements. A basic plan is best for you if you are a casual user. Whereas if you are a heavy user, higher-end plans like Fiber rural home or Ruby OTT will suit you better.

Is BSNL giving free installation?

Answer: No, BSNL is not giving free installation. It costs 500 for new users and 250 for existing users with a landline connection.

Does BSNL give free router?

Answer: Once you pay Rs 500 or Rs 250 installation charges, BSNL will provide you with a free router.


BSNL Fiber is one of India’s best high-speed and unlimited internet options. With its competitive plans, installation charges, and better customer services, it is surely a great choice for internet users in the country. This was all about BSNL broadband new connection installation charges.

I hope you get to understand BSNL Fiber Installation charges and processes from this blog post. Please let us know in the comments if you have any other queries.

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