LG AC Installation Charges- All You Need To Know


Are you planning to install an LG air conditioner in your home? It is important to understand the installation charges and other related costs before purchasing or hiring a technician.

No doubt, LG air conditioners are of high quality and come with innovative features. However, you can’t install them on your own. Hiring a professional is the only way to ensure the AC unit is installed correctly and safely.

LG AC Installation Charges

This article will share LG AC installation charges and related costs so you can hire a professional technician at the right price.

LG AC Installation Charges

The Installation cost of LG AC units depends on the region you live in and the type of AC unit you choose. There are various reasons behind the difference in installation charges.

Answer You Are Looking For: The average installation charge of LG AC in India ranges from  Rs. 500 to Rs. 1500 (Only labor cost)  depending on the size and type of the AC unit you are installing.

If you own split AC, the installation cost could go up to  Rs. 1500 . In this case, the technician will need additional time and resources to mount the main AC unit outside your house and connect it to the indoor unit.

If you own a window AC, then you can expect to pay between  Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000  for the installation, as the technician will only need to mount the AC in the window of your room.

Also, note that this is just a labor cost. You will also have to consider the cost of other material, such as pipes and electrical wiring, that is necessary for installation.

This cost depends on the type of AC unit and how long connecting pipes and wires are needed to complete the installation.

For copper pipe with insulation, you can estimate Rs. 850 per meter, and for PVC pipe, Rs. 160 per meter. Power cord wiring costs approximately Rs. 60 per meter.

You should keep aside a material cost of around  Rs. 500 to 800  or even more, depending upon the material required and the type of AC unit you are installing.

Also, note that the price varies from city to city and labor to labor, so you should call different technicians to get the best price.

Lastly, if you own a split AC, you should keep a budget of at least Rs. 2500 to cover all the labor costs and material costs associated with installing the AC unit. Whereas for a window AC, the budget can be set at Rs. 1500.

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Other AC Related Services Cost

So far, you’ve seen the installation cost of LG AC units. But you should be aware of various other services related to AC, such as uninstallation, gas filling, cleaning, repairing, and more.

Here is a quick overview of other AC-related services and the costs associated with them:

Uninstalling Rs. 500 to 1500
(Depending on the type of AC)
Gas FillingRs. 2500 to 4500
Cleaning and ServicingRs. 500 (For general cleaning)
Rs. 1500 (For intensive cleaning and servicing)
RepairingRs. 400 to 700

These are the general costs of various AC-related services. However, you should remember that these prices may vary depending on your region and the type of AC unit you own.

LG AC Installation Process

You’re on the right track if you’ve decided to hire a professional technician to install your LG AC unit. The installation process is not complex, but several steps need to be taken by the technician for a successful installation.

  • The first step for any AC installation is the selection of a suitable location in your home. The technician will survey the area and recommend an appropriate spot for the AC unit based on factors such as airflow and direct sunlight.
  • The next step is to mount the main AC unit outside your house for split ACs or inside your room for window ACs. This step requires drilling holes, inserting screws, and connecting wires to the unit.
  • Once the AC is mounted, the technician will connect it to the indoor unit using pipes and wires. This step requires cutting and connecting pipes as well as connecting wires.
  • The last step in the installation process is testing and running the AC unit. The technician will check for any leaks or faults and run the AC unit to ensure it functions properly.

It may take time in this process, but you don’t need to worry about anything, as the technician will take care of all the work.

Why Hire A Technician For AC Installation

You might think you can save some money by installing the AC unit on your own, watching videos, or reading articles online. However, this is not a good idea for several reasons.

Firstly, an AC installation process requires precision and technical knowledge that most people don’t. An experienced technician can spot potential issues with the installation process and take measures to correct them.

Secondly, an AC installation requires tools and materials that are not easily available to everyone. A professional technician will bring all the necessary equipment with him for a successful installation.

Lastly, installing an AC unit on your own can be dangerous. Any mistake in the installation process can lead to potential harm to the AC unit and even yourself.

Therefore, hiring a professional technician to install your LG AC unit accurately and safely is best.

Where To Hire A Professional Technician

It is important to hire the right technician for your AC installation. There are numerous online and offline options, but you should be careful with who you choose.

Here are a few tips for finding the right technician:

1. Contact LG: One of the best ways to hire a professional technician is to contact LG and ask for an authorized technician. This will ensure the technician knows exactly how to install your AC unit.

You can find the contact details with charges on their official website.

2. Check Offline Options: if you’ve any AC shop or technician in your locality, you can inquire with them about their services. Most of the AC technicians will come to your home and do the installation for a reasonable price.

3. Check Online Platforms: Nowadays, many online service providers offer AC installation services.

You can search for AC installation in your area and compare the prices between different technicians by calling them.

4. Get Recommendations: If your friends or family members have recently installed an AC unit, you can ask them for a recommendation. They already have the experience of working with a particular technician, which can help you make the right decision.


What are the LG split ac installation charges?

Answer: The installation charges for a split AC unit vary depending on the type of AC, location, and technician you hire. Generally, it will cost you around Rs. 2500 to cover all the labor and material costs associated with installation.

LG new ac installation charges?

Answer: No matter if it is a new or an old AC unit, the installation cost remains the same. Generally, you should keep a budget of at least Rs for a split AC. 2500 and a window AC should be around Rs. 1500, including labor and material costs.

What is included in AC installation?

Answer: Generally, the installation cost covers all the labor and material charges associated with installing an AC unit in your home. This includes selecting a suitable location, mounting the AC unit, making holes, connecting pipes and wires, and testing the AC unit.


Installing an AC unit is not a job for everyone. It requires technical knowledge and precision to do it properly. Therefore, hiring a professional technician is the safest and most convenient way to install an AC unit in your home.

The installation cost depends on the type of AC, region, and technician you hire. Still, as we said above, you can expect it to be around Rs. 2500 for a split AC and Rs. 1500 for a window AC, including labor and material costs.

I hope your LG Ac installation charges query has been answered with all the related information. Have a great experience.

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